Learn about Acne

In today's facilitated life, we are harming nature everyday and this eventually comes back to us. Most of us face many skin problems in our daily life; acne is most common of acne all them. Acne is nothing but the general skin disorder which is commonly observed in a human being. It crops up most commonly during teenage years. Eighty percent of all people between the ages of twelve to twenty-four have some type of acne.

It is not necessary that a bump that raised on your face is only acne; acne can rise on other parts of body too. It may seem on the arms, legs, buttocks and trunk, but it is usually emerges on the face and shoulders. This disease is the reason for the problems like whitehead's, blackhead's and swollen red escalations which is also known as pimples or zits. It occurs due to pores blocking.

Causes that Aggravate Acne

Our general problem is not aware of causes, of a problem which leads us into the deep of that problem. If you know what causes acne, it will help you to prevent and treat it. Below are the roots of acne.

Acne may be curse of the adolescent years, but there are chances of following it into middle age and beyond for some people. It is the clogging of skin results in the condition where a person gets inflamed and non inflamed lesions.

So let's understand the some of the reasons of all the clogging.

At the most part it is hereditary. Acne tends to run in families thus, it can be an inborn defect of your pores. Three out of four of your siblings can get these dieses, if both, your mother and father had it. But be aware that other issues also can exaggerate an acne outbreak.

Anxiety, sun exposure, changing climate could be impulsive for an acne attack. Certain type of makeup and taking birth control pills can also cause breakout.

What Are the Types of Acne

Now let us know some of the types of acne and their properties:

  • Acne Vulgaris: This is most common type of acne
  • Rosacea: Causes the skin to look reddish pink, blood vessels become more visible
  • Rosacea Fulminans: Similar to Rosacea, affects only female
  • Fulimans: Appears as rashes, scarring and deep loss of tissue from skin
  • Folliculitis: Appears as lumps of pus caused by bacteria
  • Conglobeta:Common in male, Appears in the form of disfigured skin

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Tips For Acne Treatment

Now that we have seen some of the types of acne let's find out how to get rid of it

It is better to use natural ways to cure low severity acne. In case of medium or high severity type you can go for herbal remedies, use over the counter products or consult a doctor. But in case of high severity type don't take any chances treat it as early as possible. It's suggested to seek advice from skin specialist or dermatologist

These are some good basic skin routine which will be helpful

  • Cleanse at least two times every day with 5% Benzyl Peroxide wash
  • Use a gel or cream containing sulphur or resorcinol
  • At night, use spot cream
  • Use water based oil free makeup and light skin moisturizer
Acne problem does not end at painful strikes; it also leaves bad scars on skin that may hide you natural beauty. One should treat the problem before it turns to severe. We wish you a beautiful acne free skin!