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People who have oily skin usually suffer from acne, pimples, etc. These skin infections even leave scars on the faces or wherever acne appears. Hence, it is very necessary to treat the acne and its scar. If you are suffering with acne problem or have scars on the face, it is not essential to visit skin specialist every time. Although if proper treatment is not taken on time it may cause problem too, but here we would provide the natural treatment to get rid of these acne and scars. Honey is an effective natural treatment for acne.

Honey contains antibacterial property and hence good for treating acne and its scar. In ancient time, people used to apply honey on skin problem and even for treating wounds. But with the development of antibiotics, people started using these antibiotics and medicines. Now-a-days people are again looking for natural treatment as don not have harmful side effect. One should use branded honey or can also usemedical-grade honey for acne treatment. You should avoid using old honey that is placed in your cupboard.

You can apply honey in the following way for acne care-

  • If the honey is thick, take it in a bowl and place in warm water till it get light. Now, apply it on your face. Apply properly where you can see scars or acne on skin.Natural treatment, honey for acne treatment

    • Keep it for sometime
    • Wash your face with water
    • Apply it for some days and see the positive result

  • There is also an effective and simple way i.e. honey and cinnamon powder.

    • Mix cinnamon powder with honey (1 teaspoon of honey and 1.5 teaspoon of cinnamon.)
    • Apply it on the affected skin area and get rid of the acne problems
    • Keep it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with warm water

  • One can also make facial and apply it on the face.
    • Take 1 raw egg, 2 tablespoon of honey, 1 table spoon of oil (Rich in vitamin E) and little amount of milk.
    • People who have normal dry skin need to use egg yolk and egg white for oily skin.
    • Mix all these ingredients in a bowl properly seeing the facial thicken so that it can be easily applicable on the face.

Because of its anti-bacterial property it works well against microbes and dead skins. Honey not only cures the acne and the scars but also it smoothens and clears skin. You can also use products which contain honey like cream, moisturizer, face wash etc. Some people are allergic to honey, so they can avoid its use.